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Explore the night like never before

Today, we carry that tradition into the modern era with our first-ever binocular night vision device— YASHICA Vision.  


Adventure does not stop when the sun goes down.


Experience 4K UHD full-color imaging in low light. In pitch-black conditions, a 3-level IR illuminator enhances visibility, allowing you to see up to 600 meters in darkness. With YASHICA Vision's superior night vision, explore the night like never before.


Say goodbye to the frustrations of low-quality, grainy images in near-total darkness. Experience unparalleled night vision with YASHICA Vision 4K UHD Full-color binocular night vision. With its advanced 0.0037lux sensitivity, YASHICA Vision ensures that even the faintest starlight is enough to bring your surroundings into sharp, full-color focus. It’s intuitive design and powerful technology mean clear, sharp, hassle-free viewing every time.


Unleash your inner explorer and dive into the hidden secrets of the night.

YASHICA's proprietary image processing technology harnesses infrared technology and utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance Image Signal Processing (ISP). It facilitates color imaging under low light at low lux levels, with more natural color reproduction and a higher dynamic range.


By analyzing and comprehending a wealth of image data, AI optimizes and refines the image, performing various processes and adjustments, including noise reduction, contrast enhancement, and light compensation.


This leads to improved image quality and clarity. This technology, supported by intelligent algorithms and big data, continually improves its image processing capabilities over time.


The lens aperture also plays a significant role. The smaller the aperture, the greater the volume of light that penetrates the lens. This influx of light enriches the data provided to the chip.  


This transformative feature turns the pitch-black night into a vibrant canvas, pulsating with lively colors. Whether you're observing elusive wildlife, nocturnal landscapes or exploring your surroundings, the YASHICA Vision's full-color feature ensures every detail is captured with striking clarity and precision.

AI-Powered Full-Color Observation in Real-Time

YASHICA Vision Use Cases

Fishing and boating


Camping & outdoor adventures

Wildlife observation

Surveillance & security

Search & rescue operations

YASHICA Vision Footages

The below footages are recorded by YASHICA Vision.

4K video recorded by YASHICA Vision in a dark room, capturing details from 30 to 50 meters away

Indoor Basement Exploration in Pitch Darkness

Full Color City Exploration in Low-light

Full-Color Sea Coast Observation

IR and Full-color features in use

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