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About Us


YASHICA has created a new realm in its film camera products for the young generation and an unwavering community of photographers to capture the magic of the present.

With a vision to revive film photography, it has re-emerged to introduce the YASHICA Y35 camera as a comeback in 2017 to lead with innovation and passion for film camera in styles. The novelty is to emulate the experience of combining analogue and digital photography with the introduction of digiFilm system to experiment 6 distinctive effects.

Throughout the years, YASHICA has evolved to bring a new wave of their film cameras into the photography scene, successfully introducing the beauty of film to younger generations and attracting new film lovers to join this community. YASHICA is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in photography and is continuously looking to hold its rich legacy along with taking the brand to new heights with today’s technology. 

As YASHICA enters the new era of photography in our ever-changing world. our mission as a brand remains the same - to bring photography to newer heights and to bring users positivity through exceptional products. In recent years, documenting and commemorating life has been a trend that YASHICA highly stands for. When photography meets lifestyle, it creates an enormous amount of joy through capturing moments and being able to cherish memories.

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