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YASHICA launched Yashica Vision on Kickstarter on the 10th of January 2024.

At YASHICA, we're proud of our 75 years of legacy. Today, we carry that tradition into the modern era with our first-ever binocular night vision device— YASHICA Vision. 

The campaign saw a huge success with HK$8,201,872. From classic film cameras to our latest venture into night vision technology with YASHICA Vision, we're committed to delivering quality and capturing beauty in every frame. 

EN Y35 our glory-08-01.png

YASHICA Brand Reborn campaign started in 2017. 

After being silent for several decades, YASHICA came back with the most unexpected. 
YASHICA stirred up a heated discussion in the photography community and holding market attention in global vision. 

It was observed by worldwide media that YASHICA had produced some teaser trailers and was ready to release a new product soon. Magazine and social media from all over the world reported the news of YASHICA. 

Curtain was Pulled up when Kickstarter Campaign Kicked off on October 10, 2017 at 20:00 JST YASHICA announced the world's first digiFilm system and the unprecedented camera with tremendous success. 

Just for the first 24 hours, USD646K (HKD5M) was pledged. 

USD1.3M was pledged at Kickstarter by 7,000 backers from more than 25 countries when the campaign ended. 

It was Asia No.1 for both amount pledged and no. of backers. 

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