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Camera Electro 35

July 07, 2017

In December 1965, YASHICA has launched a revolutionary camera, the ELECTRO 35.  Being the first camera with fully electronic automatic exposure, ELECRO 35 is an aperture-priority camera where you can simply pick your desired aperture, and it will auto-select the shutter speed for you.


July 08, 2017

Use your eyes to capture what your heart feels.

YASHICA Lens available now

July 08, 2017

Every display  were wholly made by human hands, with love and emotions.  The wooden box and photo frame, together with photos taken in Japan, gently bringing up the past stories. These memories, being captured inside the photograph, stands in the river of time.

Available in: LOG ON, Eslite (Tai Koo, TST), YATA (Tai Po), Jusco (LaiChiKok, Kowloon Bay, Kornhill, Tsuen Wan), CSL

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