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This photo was used on the cover page of the YASHICA Sequelle brochure.

A vertical half-frame camera introduced in the 1962, which was the first Japanese camera to use AA batteries to power the electric winder.


Film Compatibility: 35mm (Optimized for ISO400)

Shutter Speed: 1/125s +/- 1 level

Aperture: F11

Focus Range: 1m to infinity

Battery: AAA Size x 1, for flash

Battery Life: around 120 times of flash*

Flash Life: up to 3,000 times of flash**
Dimensions(mm): 110(W)x55.3(H)x33.5(D)


*   Battery Life will vary with different brands and types of battery

** Flash Life will vary on a different environment, temperature and humidity

Yashica Sequelle Brochure

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