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We proudly return with the reissued Compact Automatic Camera MF-2 in our second episode. 

In a world where everything is vying for our attention, we should be more cautious on how we are spending our time to live the life we pursue. Photography is of the essence in encapsulating and preserving the ephemeral presence and precious moments of our lives. Patience is a virtue in photographer, particularly with film cameras, to wait for the right moment of snapshot.


Designated for captivating worthwhile moments, MF-2 invites you to take a moment to think, feel and immerse in the details of the surroundings in order to perfect film photo. In the process of seeing life through the lens, be aware of the presence, slow down and connect the pieces in life.


Lens : 38mm f/3.8 (three-element, three-group lens composition)

Shutter : Mechanical shutter, 1/125sec

Timer : Mechanical timer, 10sec

Viewfinder : Bright Frame, 0.52X magnification;

                   Low light warning LED (signal lamp) turns on in viewfinder.

Focus Range : Fixed focus (from 1.5m – infinity)                         

Exposure Control : CdS light sensor on lens top;

                              Single lamp turns on underexposure condition (EV10 or under)

Built-in flash : Sliding type flash unit with flash ready lamp;

                      Approx. 5 seconds recycle time

Approx. 200 flashes, 2 - 4m flash range (with ISO 100 film).

Film Speed Setting : Automatic with DX - code film: couples to ISO100 - 400;

                                automatic setting to ISO100 with non-DX-coded him.

Battery : AA Size x 2 (not included)

Dimension : 126 (W) x 74 (H) x 56 (D) mm

Weight : 250g (without battery)


*   Battery Life will vary with different brands and types of battery

** Flash Life will vary on a different environment, temperature and humidity

MF-2 Camera Super DX

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