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 About YASHICA NFT Project

YASHICA has created a new realm in its film camera products for the young generation and an unwavering community of photographers to capture the magic of the present. With a vision to revive film photography, YASHICA is dedicated to strengthening our brand storytelling and breathing life into the latest technology.

Experimenting with NFT can be seen as building early prototypes of NFT-based engagement for early adopter customers. This NFT project can expand the audience reach to create a community for new customer segment in the digital space. NFT provides the ideal capabilities for YASHICA to reimagine how we can better engage with customers in innovative ways. Digital ownership serves as a unique identification and ownership receipt for the physical asset (the film camera) or digital asset, which is stored and recorded on a blockchain. NFT holds the potential to become the core of YASHICA’s brand promise (become a key element of a differentiated customer experience) in delivering a differentiated customer experience.


For your YASHICA’s NFT purchase, you will get a complimentary single-use film camera.

This project is a gateway to broader adoption of NFT and YASHICA’s film cameras.


YASHICA Moments is NOW available on OpenSea.

Yashica Campus Brochure with Young Girls

Yashica Sequelle Brochure

Yashica Product Guide Y16 Camera

Yashica Campus Brochure with Friends

Yashica Minister II Brochure @Forest

Yashica Lynx 1000 Brochure @Golf Course

Yashica Minister II Brochure @Park

Yashica Sequelle Brochure @Gymnasium

Yashica Minister II Booklet @Baseball Game

Yashica 8-E Zoom Product Catalog

Yashica 44LM Product Catalog

YASHICA Lynx 1000 Brochure

YASHICA Minimatic-S Poster

Yashica Penta J Brochure @Laboratory

Yashica Penta J Brochure with Kids and Pets

YASHICA Lynx 1000 Brochure @Product

Yashica Minister II Brochure @Product

Yashica Product Guide

Yashica Product Guide YASHICA 35 YL 2

Yashica Electro 35 CC Brochure


As a future-proof and forward-thinking leader, YASHICA taps into the use of NFT and the Metaverse world to experiment, learn and test new concepts beyond the comfort zone. We aim to redefine our relationship with customers to create values and stay memorable with customers through effective two-way engagement.

YASHICA leverages NFT as a talisman to curate exclusive brand community membership. NFT is an access right for the private community to offer NFT holders to special experience and perks. NFT can be used to provide access to exclusive brand events and content, such as product launch parties and behind-the-scenes photos, so our audience can be more directly involved with YASHICA. NFT curates a sense of exclusivity for customers, which boosts the brand loyalty and cultivates a higher sense of belonging for the customers.  This approach aims to attract tech-savvy leads and recognise the most dedicated customers effectively.

NFT is adopted to weave into the traditional loyalty programme to revolutionise YASHICA’s customer engagement and nurture a higher level of brand trust. With the vision of building YASHICA’s community, NFT unleashes a lot of possibilities for novel ways to engage with customers and create memorable customer experience. Apart from exclusive access to events, NFT enables customers to receive tailored rewards and discount with a unique value proposition, that incentivises NFT holders’ participation and drives more interaction in the community.

Embracing NFT is a way to modernise loyalty programme to gain and retain customers through unique digital experiences. By involving customers more as an active part of the loyalty programme, it could be a promising path to attract new customer segments, particularly the younger demographics.

With the integration of NFT, YASHICA can power a new wave of innovation and improve customer experience. It improves the connection within the customers, where they are a part of the community, and they can connect with liked-minded people to exchange thoughts.

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